Saturday, April 30, 2011

What A Day

We started the racing today and Jim started it off well --  Fantastic really!  Jim was Best in class and #3 overall when we left Tire Rack for Grissom Air Base.  We found out he actually got first in his class and 6th overall with a RAW G's of 0.804 for a total of 350 points.  We left South Bend and Tire Rack floating on a cloud, although stiff suspension.

Then we ran the huge autocross - and did a bit less.  We do not have the position or points yet, but feel Jim will be in the middle of the field after everything is counted.  His best lap was about 56.3 seconds, while the best lap there was closer to 50 seconds.  I'm not sure yet if anyone broke under 50 seconds, although some were close from what I heard.

Slave Rick, unloaded the car, got the trailer off the car and chocked the wheels, then got out Jim's helmet while Jim walked the course.  After watching the first 36 cars, Jim needed to line up the car and get ready for his first run.  After hitting the first cone Jim did a great reconnaissance lap.

We are currently about 100 miles from PA on route 70 and on the way to West Virginia.  We should get to Winchester VA for the night around midnight to 1 am.  8 am tomorrow is Summit Point for a morning and afternoon time trial, then on to South Carolina and Florida.

More later tonight if I am still awake.

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