Thursday, March 21, 2013

One Lap 2013

It is time to start posting again for this year’s One Lap of America effort. We have already started with some of the behind the scenes work.
We have been working on the car and will soon be finished with the preparation. One of the goals this year is to get all of the gremlins taken care of before the trip. Last year (2012) it looked like Jim was headed for a top 15-20 finish early on only to have a tuning problem set him back a couple times and they started slipping. He still finished in the top half but we are working to improve on that this year.
I have included a map that will show you our route this year. Try clicking on the map to enlarge it so you see it in better detail. Tire Rack has been one of the national sponsors for about 10 years now and since then the event has started at their location in South Bend, Indiana with a wet skid pad competition on their test track facility. After that we are off to tracks in Alabama, New Orleans, Florida, the Carolinas, Virginia, Pennsylvania and back to Indiana. We will compete in about 20 events. They are mostly road courses plus a wet skid pad, an autocross on the runways at Grissom Air Force Base, two drag strip events, and a dry skid pad competition all in eight days.

We expect to log over 5,000 miles in total counting the trip to the starting point in South Bend and back. The official route will be about 3400 miles plus the miles on the tracks and round trip to South |Bend which will add up to the total.

Keep checking back for more news. I will try to post an update every week or so and continue to post until we return.

Thanks to all of you who follow along and I hope you enjoy it. Also, please feel free to share the blog address with anyone who is a motor-sports enthusiast or who you might think would also enjoy following this grueling motor-sports event.

The Brock Yates One Lap of America has its roots in the not very legal, Cannonball Run of the early 1970's where the goal was to get from New York City to Redondo Beach, California as fast as possible. After three of those races and then trying a few different formats of competition from 1985 to 1991, mostly road rallies while driving around the United States, the present style of One Lap of America was started in 1992. In this format all the competition takes place on the tracks, but the endurance part comes in traveling from track to track sometimes as much as 600 miles a day.

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Jim and Rick will be blogging every day, either between races or while riding in the passenger’s seat during the drive between race tracks.

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