Thursday, April 28, 2011

Arrived at South Bend, IN

Jim and I left in a rain storm this morning.  Before I got to Jim's house, there was a tornado warning posted for Lancaster County, and the rain was coming down so hard I could not hear the radio much less see far through the rain.  Thankfully it abated before I got to Jim's house and helped finish loading the car for the trip.

We left his house and followed 322 West to route 80, following 80 all the way to South Bend and our hotel.  615 miles after leaving and now it is drizzling here just enough to remind us it is raining.  The motel is nice, but smoky, and CSI is on the tube.  Cool for me, I am still excited enough to get past anything the weather or environment throws at us.

I did have a great time driving Jim's Corvette, it has about twice the horsepower that mine has with everything he has done to it.  First gear and reverse take some practice as you need to keep the revs up, engine mods demand it.  70 - 80 all day and we got here in great shape.  Only problem we had is Jim's new Valentine1 radar detector.  We bought a Escort 8500 at a Pilot station for the rest of the trip - it works much better than the dead Valentine.

Had a good Italian beef sandwich for supper, Jim had ribs and fries, and we are both taking it easy this evening.

An easy fix to the DNS and free wifi allows us to blog and check everything. Tomorrow is registration and a starting dinner at Tire Rack. Also will get a great chance to meet with more of the people that run in this race.  75 cars registered, so at least 150 people involved, probably more as some cars hold more than 2 for the trip.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Love the look of the blog... we'll have fun following all the news each day goes by! Adele